Hosting a Book Club

Seven simple steps to host your own BIG WORLD Book Club:

1. Get one or more copies of BIG WORLD Book Club’s monthly book. Check your library, your local book store, or buy it from Amazon through our affiliate links so we get to keep a portion of the profits at no additional cost to you. (Thanks in advance!)

2. Choose who you’d like to invite to your book club. Groups can be made up of your family, a group of your friends, your class, or even online friends. An ideal book club is 8-12 people.

3. Set a time, date, and location to meet. It can be tricky to accommodate everyone’s schedules. It might help to choose a recurring time like “the third Monday of each month” so people can plan ahead. Consider meeting at a home, a park, a school, or a library conference room.

4. Prepare to discuss. Subscribe to BIG WORLD Book Club’s monthly book club guide to get a list of discussion questions. Choose who will be the book reader and discussion leader. Have them read the book and discussion questions in advance to prepare for the book club meeting.

5. Prepare any extras. This step is optional. If you’re in the mood, you can prepare decorations, treats, and/or activities for your book club meeting.

6. Hold your book club meeting! When the date finally arrives, gather to read the book together, and then discuss it. Remember to be respectful as you discuss and to make sure everyone who wants to talk gets a turn. Typical club meeting duration is one hour.

7. Let us know how it went! Post your comments, ideas, photos etc. to our BIG WORLD Book Club Facebook page and/or email them to with your permission to share.