Jabari Jumps Discussion Questions

What’s better than reading books? Talking about books! I hope you enjoyed reading Jabari Jumps with kids around the world this month. Here are some questions to spark discussion at your BIG WORLD Book Club meeting. Feel free to follow and share your comments on BIG WORLD Book Club’s Facebook and Instagram pages. What did you like most about this book? How is your family like the one in the book, … Continue reading Jabari Jumps Discussion Questions

Gaia Cornwall

Gaia Cornwall is an illustrator and now author who also builds websites and designs patterns. Her book Jabari Jumps got rave reviews and was an Amazon Best Children’s Book of the Year. She is married and has two kids. Read this interview with Gaia, and then download the Jabari Jumps printables at the end of the article. Visit Gaia’s website here: https://www.gaiacornwall.com SaveSave Continue reading Gaia Cornwall